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3 Summer Trends to Help Your Kids Stay Cool

3 Summer Trends to Help Your Kids Stay Cool

There are some things your little one should never go without on a hot summer’s day.

Sunscreen to keep them protected. Plenty of water to keep them hydrated. Ice cream to keep them happy (and adorably messy.)

But what clothes should they wear? Nowadays, warm-weather clothing tends to be skimpy, tight, restrictive - anything but breezy and comfortable on a hot day.

Here are three simple summer trends to look for while buying clothing for your little one, guaranteed to keep them feeling and looking cool.

1. Casual separates

Summer is no time for jeans. Try a matching set of separates that’s just as comfortable on the bottom as it is on the top. Look for a relaxed fit and a non-clingy fabric. Our Banana Set is the perfect example! It’s soft, lightweight and unique - ideal for beating the summer heat.

2. Loose-fitting tees

Tight-fitting shirts are often uncomfortable - but they’re downright miserable when you’re playing out in the sun and humidity. Boxy tees help your little one stay cool and dry and allow them freedom of movement. Try our sweet Eco Bear Tee. Its relaxed, boxy fit and ultra-soft fabric will keep your kid feeling nice and breezy.

3. Breathable fabrics

Material is everything. The cut helps, the fit helps - but choose a shirt in the wrong fabric and you’ll lock that heat right in instead of keeping it out. For summer, dress your kids in light, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Our cotton Lion Tee is a great option - and it’s super soft and stretchy for added comfort. Plus, the lion paw design on the back will be sure to turn some heads!

Seek out these summer trends to keep your kids cool during any favorite summer activity - be it kicking a soccer ball, jumping on the trampoline, or playing on the swings!
What’s your little one’s favorite thing to do in the summertime?