About Us

Who are Alex and Nova?

Alex and Nova are two happy little kids born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.
They’re the inspiration, the models, and the first customers for everything we sell and create.

Meet Alex

Alex never walks. Once he learned how to run, that’s all he’s done since.
He’ll run right up to anyone he meets to greet them with a big belly laugh and loads of enthusiasm.

Meet Nova

Nova is very comfortable in her own skin, whether she’s reading by herself, talking with grown-ups, or playing with her friends.
She’s sensible, observant, and confident - definitely the “big sister” of the two.

Who are you?

Hi! We’re Rainie and Jing, Alex and Nova’s moms.

Rainie is an interior designer with a love for fashion design. Jing is a seasoned entrepreneur who graduated with an MBA in supply chain management and launched her own bridal shop in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

When we first met at a support group for first-time mothers, we became fast friends. We realized that we both shared a love for simple, unique and playful clothes that allow our kids to express their individuality. We put Rainie’s design background and Jing’s business expertise together, took inspiration from our own kids, and Alex + Nova was born!

What makes Alex + Nova special?

We only sell quality products that we would give to our own kids.
We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.
We aim to spread happiness.
We strive to promote good quality and kindness towards others while exemplifying hard work and dedication.
We want Alex + Nova to be a good example to Alex and Nova.
We look forward to seeing Alex + Nova and Alex and Nova grow up together!

How else can I follow the story of Alex and Nova?

We have a blog we both contribute to. There, we would share our happiness, sadness, moments we don’t want to forget, and steps we’d like to remember - the adventures of Alex and Nova, our little bear and bunny.

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Or stop by our office and say hi! We are located at the vibrant Downtown Willow Glen, California. Our address is: 1292 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125

Not in town? Drop us a line at hi@alexandnova.com. We’ll say hi back!