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Ae-Hem - Intro to Korean Baby and Kids Fashion Brands

Ae-Hem - Intro to Korean Baby and Kids Fashion Brands

Every week, we’ll be introducing 1-2 of the Korean brands we carry and what makes them each unique. Check back once a week to find your new favorite!

If we had to describe Ae-Hem in just one word, it would be COLORFUL. A vibrant offshoot of popular Korean brand Bien a Bien, Ae-Hem is loud, larger-than-life, and totally fun! Their pieces are always vibrant and bold - making them perfect for toddlers. It’s everyday style with a healthy dash of whimsy.

Why we love it:

Ae-Hem’s bright colors, experimental silhouettes and fun, unexpected prints make it one of our favorite Korean kids fashion brands. Just seeing their clothes brings a smile to our faces! Ae-Hem’s pieces are always full of personality, yet still totally wearable with comfortable fabrics and age-appropriate animal designs. It boasts a Korean, cartoonish flair that you really just can’t find anywhere else. We’ll let the clothes speak for themselves!

Puppy DressAe-Hem’s Puppy Dress perfectly encapsulates everything we love most about the brand. With a larger-than life graphic dog print and bright, unexpected color combinations, it’s so fun and so playful without going too over-the-top.

Rabbit Raglan ShirtThe Rabbit Raglan Shirt tones the drama down a notch without losing any of that fun energy. Featuring bright colors and a fun, hand-drawn-style rabbit design, this shirt is both casual and happy. Plus, it’s super soft!


Panda SweaterThe Panda Sweater is another great example of what Ae-Hem does best - bright colors, bold prints, and high-impact pieces. Plus, this sweater’s soft, thermal fabric makes it perfect for fall.

Zigzag CardiganOf course, not every single Ae-Hem piece features animal prints - but those other ones aren’t any less fun or youthful. The Zigzag Cardigan is proof of that! With unexpected, bold color combinations, a relaxed fit, and a stylish, boxy silhouette, this sweater is full of pizzazz.

Rabbit Corduroy Ball CapAe-Hem’s accessories are just as fun as their other clothing. The Rabbit Corduroy Ball Cap adds a fun twist on a classic with bright colors and a quirky design. It adds a playful air to any outfit!

What do you think of Ae-Hem? Do you love its bright colors, or do you usually gravitate toward more muted styles? Let us know in the comments!