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Alex’s First Day of Preschool

Alex’s First Day of Preschool

“Bye, mama! Bye, baba!”

I was actually pretty impressed with how well Alex behaved on his first day of preschool. Right away, he curiously explored everything at his new campus - from the basket full of fruit, to even the little pebbles on the ground outside.

Once we arrived in the classroom, he was immediately drawn to the new toys he’d never played with before. We had come half-expecting a tearful, dramatic goodbye - instead, he said “Bye-bye!” happily and maybe a little too quickly for me, his sentimental mama.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time that Alex was left without his mama all day. Before he came to this preschool, he went to a family-based daycare during the day. That was a trickier adjustment, to say the least.

On his first day at daycare, he didn’t seem shy and started playing with the toys right away - but once his father and I tried to leave, he threw a fit. Every day of his first week, his daddy and I would close the door, hide behind it, and wait until Alex stopped crying. On the first day, he cried for 30 whole minutes. In the days to come, 30 minutes became 20 minutes, then 10 minutes and finally on the last day of his first week, he would happily wave daddy or mommy goodbye without any tears.

Alex learned quite a lot of new words and skills during his time at the family daycare. He surprised me every day! Sending him to a daycare for those few months was a great choice, both for him and for me. But upon seeing him grow and change, I realized that it was time to find him an even better, larger environment that would allow him to play, explore and learn with other kids his age.

I started looking for a preschool with a professional teaching philosophy, and found exactly what I was looking for - a school nearby where we lived that had huge classrooms with lots of natural light, a big playground with bike paths, and caring, experienced teachers and directors. I was confident that it would be a great place for Alex.

All of that research and Alex’s own reaction gave me peace of mind when I dropped Alex off. I wasn’t worried, it wasn’t hard for me to say goodbye - but I still thought about him all day! I wondered, “Did he finish his lunch? Did he have a good nap? Did he get along with the other kids?”

After what seemed like forever, Daddy finally went to pick Alex up.  Miss Rebecca, Alex’s teacher, said he was a very energetic, sometimes naughty boy, that he had a great nap and ate a lot. Sounds like Alex to me!

Phew. Even though it wasn’t the very “first day” that Alex left his mama all by himself, all of those comments from Miss Rebecca definitely made me feel relieved.

How was your little one’s first day of preschool? What did you do to make your little one’s first day at preschool easier?