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Happy Prince - Intro to Korean Baby and Kids Fashion Brands

Happy Prince - Intro to Korean Baby and Kids Fashion Brands

Every week, we’ll be introducing 1-2 of the Korean brands we carry and what makes them each unique. Check back once a week to find your new favorite!

Happy Prince’s name really describes their collections really well - cheerful, luxurious pieces sure to put a smile on any little prince or princess’s face. Happy Prince creates dainty garments with stylish, vintage-inspired silhouettes. Their brand is picture-perfect and totally chic!

Why we love it:
Happy Prince creates classic pieces with a fresh, modern twist. They feature pieces such as jumpers, bloomers, and overalls - retro clothing that’s totally darling! Their clothing boasts a mix of rich and muted colors, high-quality fabrics and thoughtful details. Take a look!

Ormi Set

The Ormi Set really captures everything we love about Happy Prince in one pretty outfit. Its muted fall color combinations, beautiful cutout lace details, and vintage-inspired style make it a special outfit that’s perfect for fall.

Laia Knit Overall

With a chunky knit, wooden button details, and a relaxed fit, these overalls are simply darling. Perfect for layering in chilly weather.

Valen Set

The Valen Set takes the guesswork out of dressing your child in the morning! This set of separates features soft fabrics, button details, and rich fall colors.

Chiel Overall

With adjustable criss-cross straps, luxuriously soft fabric, and delicate ruffle details, these charming overalls are simply adorable.

What do you think of Happy Prince’s vintage-inspired pieces? Do you prefer classic or modern styles? Let us know in the comments!