Lunchpack - Intro to Korean Baby and Kids Fashion Brands

Every week, we’ll be introducing 1-2 of the Korean brands we carry and what makes them each unique. Check back once a week to find your new favorite!

Easygoing, cozy, and totally trendy, Lunchpack features everyday pieces with a modern twist. Your little one will love Lunchpack’s emphasis on comfortable fits and fabrics along with their basic yet youthful designs - just like our kids do!

Why we love it:

Not sure how they do it, but Lunchpack somehow manages to find the perfect balance between comfort and style in all of their pieces. The fabrics they use are high-quality, and their designs are fun and fresh while still basic and wearable. We’ll let the clothes speak for themselves!

Weekend Jacket

The Weekend Jacket is a perfect example of Lunchpack’s easygoing style. It’s comfortable, cool, and full of thoughtful touches - like the oversized patch on the back and the distressed detailing on the front. It’s special, but it still goes with everything.

Dali Training Sweatshirt & Sweatpants

Cozy and practical. This adorable sweatsuit keeps your child warm without stopping them from being just as active as they want to be.

Good Day Plaid Shirt

Lunchpack’s fresh take on a classic. We love the Good Day Plaid Shirt’s boxy fit and lightweight, wrinkle-resistant fabric. Plus, it’s totally on-trend for fall!