Monbebe - Intro to Korean Baby and Kids Fashion Brands

Every week, we’ll be introducing 1-2 of the Korean brands we carry and what makes them each unique. Check back once a week to find your new favorite!

Monbebe’s line features classic, vintage-inspired pieces with a modern flair. Their pieces are basic, wearable, and effortlessly cool. Their brand is characterized by soft, neutral colors and timeless silhouettes that are perfect for layering and matching.

Monbebe is French for “my baby” - all of their pieces are tinged with an air of youthful Parisian style!

Why we love it:

Monbebe makes us nostalgic for a bygone era! Whenever we dress Alex or Nova up in one of their outfits, it’s as though they just traveled back in time. Still, Monbebe’s style doesn’t feel tired or outdated at all - their trendy muted colors and thoughtful details make their pieces feel totally fresh and relevant. Plus, we love the high-quality fabrics Monbebe always uses!

Nania Overall & Check Shirt

This outfit perfectly embodies everything we adore about Monbebe. The Nania Overalls are sweet and totally vintage-looking, while the Check Shirt is a simple, easily wearable basic top with a stylish boxy fit.

Kara Bodysuit

Details are everything! Made with buttery-soft fabric, the Kara Bodysuit also features a classic Peter Pan collar, a dainty polka-dot pattern, and a snap closure. So sweet!

Sera Bodysuit

This nautical-inspired bodysuit is simple yet oh-so-charming. We love the full collar, light textured fabric and button details.