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Tutto Bene & Flo - Intro to Korean Baby and Kids Fashion Brands

Tutto Bene & Flo - Intro to Korean Baby and Kids Fashion Brands

Every week, we’ll be introducing 1-2 of the Korean brands we carry and what makes them each unique. Check back once a week to find your new favorite!

Tutto Bene

Tutto Bene is one of our favorite Korean kids fashion brands. Tutto Bene features basic, wearable clothing with a dose of romantic, girly style for girls aged 2-6. Their pieces are practical and simple with subtle, dainty details - understated, special clothes that little ones can wear every single day.
Why we love it:
The name “Tutto Bene” means “everything good” in English - and we can totally see why! Tutto Bene features lots of classic and wearable silhouettes and fabrics. Its style is timeless and more minimal - lots of basics with a special, girly twist. Plus, we love the rich colors it introduces in their Fall collection!
Frill VestThe Frill Vest really embodies everything we love about Tutto Bene. It’s classic and goes with with anything, yet its ruffles and rich color make it so sweetly girly. Its thick fabric and boxy fit make it ideal for layering.
Floral ShirtThe Floral Shirt is basic and easily wearable with a touch of sweetness. Its wide neck, relaxed fit, and pretty design and colors make it effortlessly stylish.

Basic CardiganIt’s cozy, it’s basic - but it’s still so pretty! The Basic Cardigan features a lot of elements of Tutto Bene that we love - including soft, luxurious fabric, sweet details, and a very wearable silhouette.
Lounge SweaterCasual and basic, yet pretty and romantic. The Lounge Sweater comes in rich fall colors and features a comfortable fit, soft fabric, and irresistibly adorable ruffle details on the hem.
Bloom SkirtThis skirt is so dainty and girly, but also totally practical - with its full lining and muted colors that make it perfect for fall. Features an elastic waistband and subtle pleating.

Puella Flo

Puella Flo is Tutto Bene’s sister brand. As such, they’re related, but not quite identical. Puella Flo takes the girly, sweet elements of Tutto Bene and turns the volume up on them! It takes inspiration from the beauty of flowers to create beautiful, romantic pieces that little girls love to wear and parents love to dress them in. Its tagline is: “A fragrant flower that resembles a little girl.”
Puella Flo is no stranger to the kids fashion scene - it’s been around for a while, and it continues to gain prominence throughout the world.
Why we love it:
Puella Flo creates clothes that are ultra-girly. Their pieces are dreamy and full of sweet personality, yet totally wearable. Little girls who wear their clothes feel like they’re playing dress-up every day, and the pretty pastels and sweet details that characterize the Puella Flo brand ensure that they always look put-together and on trend.
See what we mean? This outfit perfectly exemplifies what we love about Puella Flo clothing. The Rococo Shirt pictured is one of our favorites - with its relaxed fit, puffed sleeves, and cut-out eyelet lace details on the wrists and collar.
Cresson ShirtAny little girl would feel like a princess in the Cresson Shirt! Featuring luxuriously soft fabric, oversized lace ruffle details, and pretty ruching at the wrists, this shirt is simple and pretty.
The Abellin Shirt shows how wearable Puella Flo’s styles are. This shirt is simple and classic, yet still includes elements that make it girly and dreamlike - such as the mock turtleneck, the ribbed fabric, and the beautiful colors it comes in.
Which of the two brands do you like better - Tutto Bene or Puella Flo? It’s hard to choose - we have favorites from each collection! Let us know your pick in the comments!