Welcome to Alex + Nova

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Hi, I’m Jing from Alex + Nova.

I’m Nova’s mom.

Nova is a healthy, sweet, happy, curious and energetic little two-and-a-half-year-old. She is our first and only child, and the first child in our generation of family and friends as well.

I still remember how excited and nervous I was when my husband and I found out I was pregnant. I’ve lost track of how many conversations we had, questioning ourselves:
“Can we raise a baby?”
“Can we set a good role model for our kid?”
“How should we educate her?”
Once I became pregnant, I couldn’t stop worrying about the little life in my belly.
I recall always being so nervous before each doctor’s appointment, unable to stop wondering if she would be healthy and if everything would be okay.

After Nova was born, the worrying grew.

As a first time mom, I took every action very seriously. I got up at night just to check if my sleeping baby was still breathing, as silly as it might sound. I voraciously began reading as many baby books as I could get my hands on, just so I could be well-prepared if something bad happened.

In the two-and-a-half years since Nova was born, we, the “Panic Parents”, have transformed into the “At-Peace Parents.” We still get nervous when illnesses and ailments come Nova’s way, but our experiences up until now have helped grant some perspective.

To help with transitioning into both a peaceful first-time mom and stay-at-home mom, I joined a mommy support group. It was there that I met Rainie. She was still in her last year of college when she was pregnant with Alex, and she balanced her schoolwork and motherhood masterfully, staying up late to finish her assignments after taking care of Alex and putting him to bed. It was a difficult time for her and her husband, but one they would absolutely repeat, given the choice.

We became good friends and eventually found ourselves talking about our shared internal struggles, torn between our deep love of motherhood and our desire to further our careers. After a while, we realized there was no reason to limit ourselves; we have a passion for our children, and we are passionate about fashion! Why not put the two together?

More than just offering unique styles to fellow mommies, we wanted to create something our children could be proud of, something that could help touch the lives of others. We want to share the happiness, sadness, moments we don’t want to forget, steps we’d like to remember — the adventures of Alex and Nova, our little bear and bunny. We hope that you will read and enjoy these collections of thoughts and stories, much as we hope that one day, Alex and Nova themselves will look back and enjoy them.

We would like to invite you to be part of Alex and Nova’s life.

Let’s begin the journey together.